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12 Italian Meat Balls. Crowhill's own recipe cooked in-store, only requires reheating in microwave or oven
Large peppers stuffed with steak mince with an added Italian spice topped with chopped spring onion.
The famous Quarter pounder, perfect for that succulent taste that everybody desires at BBQ's. Select 20 of our homemade burgers (in multiples of 5's). Beef burgers, Pork and apple or Lamb mint and coriander. To proceed click more info.
This naturally 28 day matured English Rump steak is ideal for grilling, frying or bbq. A perfect steak for all occasions.
English Braising Steak cut from the Shoulder of Beef hand trimmed already for the oven. Cuts from the Shoulder can be named in recipes as Chuck Steak, Shoulder Steak, Blade Steak or Jews Fillet, generally cooked in the oven.
Crowhill's Stewing steak is taken from the Shoulder of Beef and is fully table trimmed by hand. Excess fat is removed so you only receive lean cubes of Beef, ideal for Casserole, Pies, Stews or slow cook Curries.
Crowhill's Mince steak is made from only whole cuts of lean 100% British Beef, we have never used anything else.
6 Prime Sirloin Steaks aged for 28 days.
A real man sized Burger

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